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GAI Executive Committee 2020-2021

The nominations for the GAI Executive Committee are listed below.  We have a total of four candidates for three vacant seats.

The main representative from each GAI full member company will be entitled to cast a vote.  The voting link is unique and will be sent to the main company contact directly by email.  If you have not received a link please contact angie.corkhill@gai.org.uk

Member voting is open

Voting is open from Monday 1 June until 5.00pm BST Friday 15 June 2020.  The results will be announced at the AGM on 30 June.

Candidate manifestos

Stephen Bewick
Chief Operating Officer AS EMEA- dormakaba

Hi. Having had the privilege to serve on the executive committee since 2013 I am hoping to continue for another period, why?

I am passionate about two principal things in our Industry, the people and their education alongside the high standards and certifications of our products and solutions. It is my opinion that the GAI, and the Institute, are key to driving and developing both. Education underpins what we stand for and the application of that accredited knowledge creates the value that we can then offer to our Customers and Partners. The roles of both the Architectural Ironmonger and the Manufacturers are intrinsically linked in ensuring that we make the most of what have to offer.

I work for a manufacturer, this is clear, and one of our drivers in our product development across our range is ensuring that they are not only produced to a high and resilient quality, but that they meet the standards needed, with appropriate accreditations, in our Industry. Never has this been more relevant, than today, as we move into an environment post Brexit and with a duty to implement the learnings from the Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety, commissioned by the Government and chaired by Dame Judith Hackitt. The GAI has an important role in ensuring that we drive adoption and commitment within the Industry of those findings.

A bit about myself, I’m 54 married with two grown up children and I also love to be active; I travel a lot with work but also for pleasure and Africa is always my preferred destination. I also took up Taekwondo, virtually at the same time I started on the Executive Committee with the GAI and recently tested and passed my 3rd Dan Black Belt, for which my knees have yet to recover from!

I want to continue working in the GAI as it’s important to me professionally even more so in my current role. The work and direction of the Organisation is critical in guiding our Industry and thus I would love to be re-elected.

Timothy J. Perry, AHC, CSI, DipGAI, MInstAI, RegAI
(FSB) Franz Schneider Brakel GmbH + Co KG

Why should I be a member of the GAI Executive Committee?

In short;

Because I am knowledgeable & passionate about door hardware/ironmongery and I believe people need to be well educated about the importance of the correct specification of door hardware/ironmongery on fire-rated door openings.

In long;

I started my ironmongery career in 1995, in the warehouse and at the trade counter of the Lloyd Worrall Ltd in Leighton Buzzard.  Working “hands on” with the products gave me a good opportunity to learn about their uses and functions. It was during this time that I started my studies for the GAI four year Education Programme. In 2004, I gained my GAI diploma and that was a very proud moment for me.

In 2010, it was time for a new challenge; I moved to Germany and started to work at Franz Schneider Brakel GmbH & Co. KG (FSB) as their door hardware spec-writer on their international projects. Two years in, I felt I wanted to gain further door hardware knowledge and education, so I started at my American studies on the education programme of the Door and Hardware Institute of Washington DC (DHI).

After four years at FSB, I was given the opportunity to gain more experience writing “door by door” hardware specs further afield for Hafele. Initially in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia then in Singapore where I started the Hafele International Project Office, which I ran for 3 ½ years. I was working with the architects and interior designers in Singapore and Hong Kong for overseas projects throughout the Middle East and Asia.

2018 was yet another year of change for my career as well as my personal life. I passed my final DHI exam and became a fully qualified Architectural Hardware Consultant (AHC), my wife and I moved back to England and I became a father. However, I did not just move back to my roots geographically but also in regards in my career. Since the summer of 2019 I have made my return to FSB, where I work as their Architectural Hardware Consultant for American, British, European & Singapore Standards on their global projects.

Therefore, as you can see….door hardware/ironmongery has always been a huge part of my life for the past 25 years and I would love to share my knowledge and passion with you as a member of the GAI Executive Committee…

Kaz Spiewakowski
Managing Director - GEZE UK

Since coming in to the world of architectural ironmongery  with Exidor (formerly Fred Duncombe) in 2007 and subsequently with GEZE UK since 2013 I have learned a lot. One of the main things being  the value of the GAI in respect of education, technical information and the community aspect it brings to the industry.

As a company GEZE UK is committed to support individuals in respect of their ongoing development in all aspects of the business and encourages involvement in the Institute and the GAI. As a company GEZE is committed to quality throughout the industry,  through people, services and products which mirrors the aims of the GAI.

As most of you will know I’m not an ironmonger by training and do not profess to be an expert but I have worked in many other industries and believe that one of the important attributes I bring to the executive is a different view of the issues that we are facing now and in the future. I believe that as in all things, the executive needs diversity in its make up to perform at its best now and particularly in the future.

I will admit that initially the GAI executive is a complex  animal with which to become familiar, it is made up of knowledgeable individuals  with a tremendous amount of history to understand and respect but the industry has had and will continue to experience a tremendous amount of change which will need to be managed in the future. I feel that I have earned my stripes and after a period of acclimatisation I am contributing at the level required  by the GAI and its members to justify a further term on the executive.

I feel that my experience can be further utilised. I am a member of the exec committee of the  Automatic Door Suppliers Association (ADSA) and feel that I can add value to the GAI through this involvement.

I  was also looking forward to working with Angie and Mario in representing the GAI on the board of FDIS which was due to hold its inaugural meeting earlier in the year but has unfortunately been delayed due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. Hopefully I will be re-elected to the exec and be in a position to take up this opportunity once the UK returns to some level of normality. 

In summary, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on the executive, believe I have made a contribution in that time, enjoy working with the group and would like to add some more value in the future in particular through my proposed involvement in FDIS

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for voting, I hope to see you in the near future.

Kaz Spiewakowski

Regional Marketing Director - dormakaba India

A business leader with more than 25 years of experience in building industry and with over 15 years of experience in architectural Iron mongery industry. Currently working as the Marketing Director - South Asia in Dormakaba India Pvt Ltd.

 Passionate about improving the quality and standards of architectural iron mongery used across South Asia 

  1. To closely work with Ironmongery companies in South Asia and other regions to become part of GAI.
  2. To promote GAI in architectural organizations operating in the South Asia region
  3. To increase job opportunities of GAI certified professionals in the Architectural Ironmongery organizations and educate the importance of GAI qualified experts in projects
  4. Marketing the concept of Architectural Hardware consultants in mega infrastructure projects, as the trend of hiring certified consultant is not there currently in South Asia
  5. To Work on Standards of the country, and get them align as per the International standards
  6. Encourage awareness of importance of Certified professional in the industry
  7. Can be a Visiting Faculty to Students of GAI in GCC region or South Asia for imparting Industry Trends
  8. To help the industry become more organized by introducing Tradesmen to the organized sector, who have been in the industry for a while and help them be part of GAI body to progress their skills and competence.
  9. In a fast-changing business environment, ramp up of industry knowledge is must for architectural ironmongers. To advise the committee on the country specific standards and guidelines. This will help the GAI to develop and improve their skills
Upcoming Event Webinar - How to market your business post-pandemic AM 23 Jul 2020 @ 9:00 - 23 Jul 2020 @ 10:00
Upcoming Event Webinar - How to market your business post-pandemic AM 23 Jul 2020 @ 9:00 - 23 Jul 2020 @ 10:00