Technical Update: BSI Identify launch to help manufacturers with product traceability

The GAI has welcomed the launch by The British Standard Institution (BSI) of the BSI Identify platform, as a significant step towards reducing confusion over product information.

The service provides quick, accurate and unambiguous access to up-to-date construction product information, resulting in improved audit trails, product visibility and safety across all areas of a construction project.

Developed alongside industry partners, such as the Construction Products Association, Identify assigns each product a unique identification number. This is printed on the product/packaging in the form of a QR code, NFC or RFID tags and when scanned it takes the user to a searchable registry where all information relating to the product is stored.

The introduction of BSI Identify is timely in the respect that it will help manufacturers comply with the Code for Construction Product Information – details of which will be covered in an upcoming GAI webinar in January.

Commenting on the news, Douglas Masterson, GAI Technical Manager, said:

 “BSI Identify will become an invaluable tool for product manufacturers and users. Providing quick, easy and accurate information. Having helped develop the CCPI as a member of the CPA Marketing Identity Group, we are pleased to see how this helps drive higher standards in construction product information and how it is presented.”

To learn more about BSI Identify, visit: