Government to make it simpler for businesses to apply new product safety markings

The UK Government recently announced it is making changes and relaxations to the rules on UKCA marking. Read more at Members can also click here to refer to GAI Specifiers Guide on UKCA marking for further clarification and advice.

GAI members should be aware that this announcement does not specifically refer to construction products and it relates primarily to UKCA marked products covered under the Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance (AVCP) system 3 – radiators, sealants, and tile adhesives etc.

It is also important to note, products using the CE/UKCA marking in the ironmongery sector are within the scope of harmonised/designated standards and fall within AVCP system 1. This means they require approval from a UK body, and the existing guidance will continue to apply.

All this means this Government announcement is unfortunately largely irrelevant to the ironmongery industry. So, as it currently stands CE marking will no longer be accepted in Great Britain from 1st January 2023, unless the goods have already been placed on the market prior to that date. After this the product will require UKCA marking.

 Douglas Masterson, GAI Technical Manager, commented: “GAI are currently advocating with UK Government, via Construction Leadership Council and Construction Products Association, to see if the changes outlined on AVCP system 3 products can also be applied to AVCP System 1, while also ensuring products still continue to be safe in use. We are also asking Government to review the issue of existing CE marked product not yet placed on the market but sitting in manufacturer’s stock and how this can be addressed.”  

We will keep our members up to date with any developments.