Two new Guides to Standards are now available

The GAI has published its two latest Guides to Standards - Mechatronic Cylinders (EN 15684) and Mechatronic Door Furniture (BS EN 16867). The new Guides expand the catalogue to 23 in total, with all existing Guides having undergone an update ensuring all the details are still up to date. 

The Guides provide background and detail on relevant products, information on the specific standards, and whether these standards are harmonised or designated standards. The initial Introduction to Standards document also provides a detailed overview of current standards, how they work, and how they should be identified and applied.

Douglas Masterson, GAI Technical Manager, commented: “The Guides are now an extensive library with over 300 pages of up-to-date information across all the publications, providing a great GAI member benefit. It means our members don’t have to invest in purchasing the standards themselves, as we have picked out the main areas within which are of most relevance to them.” 

Click here to explore all the available Guides to Standards.