Please note that the Guild does not get involved in commercial and contractual disputes.

All GAI members (this includes the company and all individuals employed by the company) agree to operate according to the GAI Code of Professional Conduct.  Anyone found to be deviating from the code may be expelled from the GAI or face other sanctions subject to the decision of the GAI Executive Committee.

If you have an issue to raise about a company operating within the architectural ironmongery industry and you would like us to investigate this we will oblige and act in accordance to our disciplinary process as outlined in our Articles of Association.

We can only hear any issues about a GAI member.  If a company is not listed on the GAI member list we advise you to contact Trading Standards or Advertising Standards in the UK or the equivalent body in the relevant country.

You can find out if a company is a GAI member here.

For complaints about non-members

We cannot act as an industry regulator and if a complaint is about a non-member we advise the complainant to go to trading standards or advertising standards. We strongly encourage people, where reasonable, to only work with manufacturers or AIs who are on our GAI and RegAI membership list. Being on this list demonstrates a commitment to quality and professionalism and we recommend that people should do business with our members for this reason.


For complaints about members

In the unfortunate and rare occasion that we are informed of unsatisfactory conduct by a member we follow a disciplinary process.  The specific process depends upon the severity of the case.

The detailed processes can be found in the GAI Articles of Association.

If you would like to make a complaint or have any questions please email the GAI Chief Executive on [email protected]