The GAI has produced templates to aid members in the production of ironmongery schedules.

These standard templates are provided by the GAI for use in the door and hardware industries. There is no implied endorsement of the resulting content, which is the responsibility of the issuing company. 

These are member-only documents for GAI company members and employees only. Please sign in to access the downloads, or read more about joining the GAI today.

Preamble Template 

This template has been devised by GAI in Word format for members to copy and paste in to the preamble section of their own ironmongery schedules.  

This will be in addition to referencing any relevant standards and abbreviations featured in the schedule.  

This template is intended as a guide only, and many members will have their own sections which they will wish to add.  

GAI always recommend the use of a detailed preamble with any ironmongery schedule to clarify information including: 

  • Date and revisions of drawings and door schedules used to compile the schedule 
  • Relevant standards 
  • Abbreviations used in the schedule 
  • Exclusions 
  • Limitations of liability 
  • Product related issues including allowance for master keyed cylinders, access control credentials and kicking plates.  
  • Fire safety products 
  • Access products 
  • Product return policy
  • Anti-ligature product clarification 


Master Key Schedule Template 

This template has been provided by GAI to include all relevant information required in a master keyed schedule including: 

  • Door detail 
  • Cylinder detail 
  • Lock case detail 
  • Keying detail 
  • Locking plan
  • Special notes 

It also provides space for details of client details and any other information required.