A Registered Architectural Ironmonger (RegAI) is a fully qualified architectural ironmongery professional, committed to maintaining the highest level of skill and knowledge regarding products, legislation and industry standards. 

On completing the GAI Diploma qualification, diploma holders become eligible to take part in our continuing professional qualification (CPD) programme. Once a full qualifying year of CPD has been completed and validated, the status of Registered Architectural Ironmonger (RegAI) is awarded.  

RegAI status must be assessed and renewed annually through the submission of a record of CPD activity for that year.  

The benefits of becoming a RegAI include: 

  • Demonstrate your professional competence and promote yourself as having achieved the highest possible standards of skill and knowledge.  
  • Keep developing your skills and knowledge through participation in the GAI CPD programme.  
  • Invitations to regional and national events to expand your expertise and connect with other RegAIs. 
  • Authorised to use of the post-nominal letters ‘RegAI’ after your name.
  • A personalised RegAI crest to use to confirm your status.
  • Your details listed on the GAI website as a qualified RegAI .

RegAI Downloads

Download the following documents to find out more about the CPD programme, or to log and submit your own continuing professional development.

CPD model

Find out more about our flexible CPD programme.

Download the current CPD Model

Collect CPD points

Collect and submit your CPD points on this log sheet. 

Download the CPD Log Sheet