New fire door inspection regulation published for England

A new regulation under Article 24 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 was published on 18 May 2022 – The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022. 

This new regulation has major significance for the fire door inspection sector in England and will require them to comply with some new legal requirements.

From 23 January 2023, those responsible for all multiple-occupancy residential buildings in England with storeys over 11 meters in height must: 

  • Undertake quarterly checks of all fire doors (including self-closing devices) in the common parts.
  • Undertake – on a best endeavour basis – annual checks of all flat entrance doors (including self-closing devices) that lead onto a building’s common parts.

GAI Technical Manager, Douglas Masterson, commented: “This is a significant new regulation for people looking after qualifying residential buildings and the fire door inspection sector. We want our members to be aware of the changes and to have the required processes in place before this becomes law in January 2023.” 

The regulations also require responsible persons to provide their residents, of all multi-occupancy residential buildings, with information on the importance of fire doors to a building’s fire safety.

To read a fact sheet for this regulation, click here