The GAI’s delivers its mission of ‘advancing architectural ironmongery’ within the framework of its formal constitution.

The constitution comprises a Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, and a Code of Professional Conduct. 

As a member organisation, the GAI and its members are governed by this standing Constitution, which defines the objects of the Guild as:

  1. To represent and promote the interests of the architectural ironmongery industry.
  2. To develop, promote and protect standards of integrity and excellence in the business of architectural ironmongery.
  3. To consider issues affecting the interests of the industry at large.

Among the activities specified to drive these outcomes are to:

  • promote liaison between persons and bodies engaged in the industry 
  • encourage academic study relating to the industry
  • determine and promote professional standards of education and technical competence for the industry
  • disseminate professional and other information to members of the Guild
  • call for, or support, or oppose legislation or professional practice relating to the industry
  • act as a national point of reference in the industry and support the Government through the delivery of construction best practices
  • liaise with other trade associations and bodies on matters affecting the industry.

These documents are available to download below, for a more in-depth understanding of the workings of the GAI.


Memorandum of Association



Code of Professional Conduct



Articles of Association